This global planning project funded by the GHR Foundation involves engaging in a parallel planning process in the United States and Africa to lead growth in shared understanding and deepened collaboration with congregations of Dominican Sisters.

Key to the project is engaging in conversations across congregational boundaries to create assessments of our present reality as well as our future hopes and dreams.

The hoped for outcome is the determination of a realistic implementation plan for futuring our Dominican charism both within and between our distinct worlds.

We hope to create a process that fuels our growth, expands our sense of Dominican sisterhood and furthers the engagment of our lay partners in our charism!

We Dominican sisters and lay partners both in the US and in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Kenya are engaged in quality discernment and conversations that give birth to significant insights, growth and possible direction for advancing our charism into the future both within and between the two worlds.
Quality resources for sharing our Dominican charism with sisters and lay partners are identified.

Our sense of global sisterhood is broadened and deepened through new forms of collaboration.

Planned Outcomes of this project.