Welcome to Our Project

cropped-cropped-east-africa-logo-2-the-one.jpg “Futuring Dominican Charism for-Mission, Sisters and Lay Partners Together,” is  a global planning project funded by the GHR Foundation.   The project will unite Dominican Sisters and our lay partners in the United States and Zimbabwe, Zambia and Kenya.  We will engage in parallel processes in the US and Africa leading to growth in shared understanding and deepened collaboration.
Key to the project is engaging in conversations that matter across congregational boundaries to create a robust assessment of our present reality as well as our future hopes and dreams.  The hoped-for outcome is the determination of a realistic implementation plan for futuring our Dominican charism both within and between our distinct worlds.  We seek to create a process that fuels our growth, expands our sense of Dominican sisterhood and furthers the engagement of our lay partners in our charism!  Ultimately we look forward to this work being at the service of the wider global  community in hopes it might be shared and replicated as helpful.

I. The process for this global planning grant involves the following steps:

a. Gathering of Information:

b. congregational/regional snapshot

c.  insights from sisters and lay partners regarding 3 questions:

What engages and inspires me about our Dominican mission today is….A dream I have for the future of Dominican life and mission is….I believe the Spirit is calling us, Dominican sisters and lay partners to….

II. Opportunity for study, reflection and response to the gathered information in the context of congregational reflection circles and mixed congregational discernment circles.
III. Synthesis of input from the conversation circles, study by a visioning team which will develop a draft of the implementation plan.
IV. Study and input on the implementation plan draft by congregational/regional leadership teams.
V. Final determination of the implementation plan by the International Coordinating Team.

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